Candle Making Workshop May 2023


At the end of this course you should:

Understand different types of wax and their advantages.
Examine candle making equipment.
How to use fragrance oils.
You should know how to select containers and their suitable wicks.
You should understand different types of wicks.
You should know what are intention candles.
You should understand how to use gel wax.
Learn about coloring your candles, the dos and the don’ts.
Learn how to use silicone molds.
You should know the concept of decoupage.
You should know how to make layered candles.
You should know the measurements of fragrance and the pouring temperatures.
You should understand candle making terminology, flash point, frosting, cold/hot throws, melt pool etc.
You should get a list of suppliers where I get my materials.
You should know the safety standard protocols to follow in candle making.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
If you want to make your own candles you will need to get some equipment but you can use some of your home equipments.

Who this course is for:
Those who would love to make their own candles.
Aromatherapy practitioners who want to learn aroma candle making.
Candle lovers !


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